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How do customers perceive your brand? If you’re a small business owner buried in operational details, you may not realize that the first impression isn’t when a client walks through your front door. Your reputation is known with the first online search, and if potential clients see anything negative when the search returns details about your company, you can bet they won’t be driving to your business or ordering online.

Whether you’re new to running a retail store or have decades of experience managing restaurants, salons or hotels, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of your brand’s reputation. You must know what customers think of your brand before, during and after a visit or purchase. It is your responsibility as a CEO, vice president, director or aspiring leader to exceed the expectations of your customers – and employees.

I’ve provided a free brand assessment form that allows you to rate your organization on a scale from 1 (oh-no) to 7 (Soulful Experience).


If you score at least 70 points, congratulations! Send me an email at for a digital badge to add to your website and social pages.

If you score less than 70 points, contact me as soon as possible to set up a phone or in-person consultation to discuss ways to improve your brand experience. We’ll look at a new strategy, leadership, employee morale, your product/service offering and come up with a plan to deliver The Soulful Experience.

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Diane P. Ferraro is author of “The Soulful Experience: Take Your Company from So-So to Soulful and Exceed the Expectations of your Customers – and Employees” and founder of The Soulful Experience agency.

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