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Anyone who has experience working with children in foster care understands that these kids are survivors. Consider the unbearable family history. Then once rescued, the day-to-day unknowns that become the norm, from moving to new foster homes and new schools without any say in the matter. Making regular court appearances only to find out from the judge that your birth parents aren’t getting out of jail, aren’t making progress in rehab, aren’t doing anything as an adult to make your life as a kid resemble anything close to normal.

Sharane Callister, a finalist on The Voice this season, is most definitely an overcomer who grew up in the foster care system. To those of you resilient current and former foster kids who are in school or earned your diploma or degree,  you’ve got guts and deserve all the glory that comes your way. And if you’ve found your calling, whether you’re an artist, doctor, caterer, construction worker, retail manager, pilot, nurse, or singer, my hat goes off to you for persevering where many of us would have given up.

One overcomer who is featured in this month’s Southwest Magazine is illusionist and magician Jason Bishop. Jason definitely didn’t have it easy growing up, nor did he take the path of least resistance as an adult. Jason is a magician, and he’s gaining the kind of notoriety usually reserved for over-the-top showmen like Chris Angel and David Copperfield.

As a kid in the foster system, Jason would go to the library and read stories about self-made men. He was drawn to Harry Houdini and other magicians who rose from impoverished backgrounds, and he realized he could join their ranks. He wasn’t going to let his past predict his future.

I won’t give anything else away that writer Brooke Lea Foster eloquently shares about Jason’s life.  You’ll have to read the inspiring story, and then I hope you’ll share what motivates you on my LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

Click here to learn more about Jason and see his upcoming tour schedule.

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